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Timeline of events regarding FLUM-58:

     -  2-11-2020 - CPPC did not approve the zoning and land use changes proposed in FLUM-58

       -  2-21-2020 - Pastor Kelly, represented by Mastry legal team, has appealed the decision made by the CPPC

       - 5-12-2020 - Derek Kilborne of the Planning Department has updated that COVID-19 shutdowns are still underway and due to the sensitive nature of the Appeal/Hearing, they are holding out until the hearing can be heard in-person.

       - 7-31-2020 - A notice was posted with the hearing date to be scheduled for August 13th at 5 PM.  A first reading was held at the August 6th City Council meeting where they officially introduced the details of the application and schedule the hearing.

       - 8-13-2020 - City Council Unanimously voted to overturn the DENIAL made by the CPPC and approve FLUM-58 advancing the application to Forward Pinellas then Pinellas County Commission.

       - 8-18-2020 - PGSP filed for a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request on all documents that were submitted to City Council for review in preparation for the Quasi-judicial hearing.

       - 8-24-2020 - The City Clerk filed the written Orders for the approved Zoning and Land Use amendments.  These orders are pending approval of Forward Pinellas and Pinellas County Commission and will become effective as of August 13th should the application survive the application process.

       - 9-14-2020 - PGSP filed a petition with the Department of Administrative Affairs for inconsistencies of the land use amendment with the existing Comprehensive Plan.  The petition was accepted and is scheduled to be heard on 11-17 to 11-19 in Tallahassee, FL.

       - 10-14-2020 - City of Saint Petersburg submitted the application to Forward Pinellas to hold a hearing for the approval of the City approved zoning and land use changes.  Forward Pinellas was notified by the pending litigation and the City therefore requested to defer the hearing until after the Administrative Affairs renders a decision on the case.  The earliest the City's application to Forward Pinellas will be heard is January, pending the results of the litigation.

PGSP Neighbors United is actively in litigation concerning the proposed Zoning and Land Use amendments.  Your monetary support is greatly appreciated.  Please see the Home Page for more information on Details to Donate to our Legal Fund.

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​      -  DOAH Hearing - Nov 17th to Nov 19th.

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