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St. Pete City Hall, Open Forum, Meet in front Thursday 5/16 12:15 PM

Updated: May 12, 2019

Regarding the TIME of the meeting on May 16th.

The time to meet is 12:15

We will be gathering at a group spot, near City Hall, in advance of the meeting, to organize, fill out the Yellow cards and make sure we get directed to the right floor and room and remind everyone of the proper decorum and manners in chambers.

We haven't nailed down the meetup spot yet. Just look for the White Shirts for our group.

Even if you don't want to speak, Please still fill out the Yellow card and check the "Against" space and reference the Agenda item number. We will get that from the Final Agenda when posted.

If you WANT to speak, please contact David at We need to make sure we vary the message and David will assist with that.

Stay Tuned. I will also post this to the website in case you want to make it easier for friends to find.

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